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    Giaforte Trade and Technology Scholarship 



    September 15, 2021 Fall February 15, 2022 Spring






    Giaforte Trade and Technology Scholarship 



    United States Youth Senate Program



    October 4, 2021



    Qualified jr/sr who shows leadership through public service in elected or appointed positons. 



    Youth Senate Program 



    AES Engineers



    October 8,2021



    Future Leaders across a wide spectrum of fields of study.  High School seniors. Do not need to be going into Engineering. 



    AES Engineers 



    Wendy's High School Heisman



    October 19, 2021



    Outstanding student athletes.  National Scholarship. 



    High School Heisman



    Voice of Democracy



    October 31, 2021



    Complete by writing and recording your answer to a question. 



    Voice of Democracy



    Zach Anderson Wrestling Scholarship



    Scholarship not offered this year due to COVID



    Open to graduating seniors thru college juniors. Must have wrestled in high school 



    Zach Anderson 



    Prudential Spirit of Community Award



    November 10, 2020



    Applicant needs to be making meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service 



    Prudential Spirit Award



    Elks Most Valuable Student



    November 22, 2021



    Based on scholarship, leadership, and financial need. Need not be related to an Elks member; male and female compete separately.  



    Elks Most Valuable Student 



    Dell Scholars 



    December 1, 2021



    Participate in a program-approved college readiness program in grades 11 and 12

    Be on track to graduate from an accredited high school in the current academic year

    Demonstrate a need for financial assistance

    Be eligible to receive a federal Pell Grant in first year of college

    Plan to enroll full time at an accredited higher education institution in the pursuit of a bachelor's degree in the fall directly following high school graduation

    Earn a minimum of a 2.4 GPA




    Dell Scholars



    Hagan Scholarship



    December 1, 2021



    National Scholarship, need based. 

    1. Must be a U.S. Citizen.

    2. Must attend an Eligible Public High School.

    3. Must have achieved a 3.75 Cumulative Grade Point Average.

    4. Must enroll at an Eligible Four-Year College or University the first semester following high school graduation.

    5. Must work 240 hours during the twelve months prior to fall semester college enrollment. Preferred employment is regularly scheduled non-family employment performed under supervision for compensation.

    6. Must provide the FAFSA SAR showing the EFC. Must be Pell Grant eligible. The family EFC does not have to be paid, it is used only to determine award amounts.

    7. Must apply for Federal and State grants if eligible.

    8. Must not have a felony conviction.



    Hagan Scholarship 



    Science Ambassador Scholarship for Women



    December 13, 2021



    Film a three–minute educational video of yourself explaining a STEM topic you're passionate about.



    Science Ambassador Scholarship 



    Burger King Scholarship



    December 15, 2021



    Employee or child of Burger King employee 



    Burger King Scholarship 



    Senior Law Firm CNA scholarship



    December 31, 2021



    300-500 word essay on why you would like to become a CNA. 



    CNA Scholarship 



    Free Speech Essay Contest 



    December 31, 2021



    Students must submit an essay between 700 and 900 words on the provided topic



    Free Speech